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Fruit processing machinery for juice production
Our 20 year experience in food machinery industry and 10 year experience of working specifically with fruit, berry and vegetable processing equipment lets us to offer you the best solutions for a productive and effective work.
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    In our assortment you will find all the machinery needed for full fruit, berry & vegetable lines. From washers and grinders to pasteurizers and fillers – all juice pressing equipment carefully produced and developed by ProFruit Machinery™.
    belt press 1200

    Belt press POWERPRESS 1200

    Automatic Bag in Box FIller For Filling Liquids Into Bag in Box and Pouch Packages

    Bag in Box filler AUTOFLOW


    They are a family business in France, producing apple juice and cider, and providing juice pressing service for clients. After a few seasons of work, the demand got so big that they started looking for machinery upgrade.

    KMETIJA KAJŽER – Slovenia

    Kmetija Kajžer is a mountain farm cultivating various crops and products, including harvesting apples and pears. They produce juice, wine and cider, and were looking for upgrading their machinery.
    Cider making machinery

    ELEGAST CIDERY – The Netherlands

    Elegast cidery produce natural cider from traditional Dutch orchard apples. They were searching for machinery with bigger efficiency and purchased a full fruit processing line.

    DALBO MUST – Finland

    Dalbo Must is a family-owned apple farm and juice production factory in Finland. As they were getting more and more clients every year, they started searching for options to increase their efficiency in juice production.


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    Our main advantage over other producers is experience in not only producing but also using this machinery. For almost 10 years we have been working with juice pressing equipment ourselves. This way we gained knowledge about all the troubles that can complicate the journey of your work. That is why we offer you not only our equipment but also our full assistance and experience so you can avoid these troubles and use our high quality equipment without any unwanted interference.


    We seek to improve your business by applying our successful and proven solutions.


    The highest quality

    Our experience lets us to produce the machinery which meets the highest EU requirements.


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    We guarantee operative communication, advice and help in all matters.