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We received excellent consulting both before and after purchasing our processing line. The team provided quick problem-solving within just 2 hours, and spare parts were delivered promptly within 2 days. A fivefold increase in production during a workday — a fantastic bonus.

profruit machinery client

Matias Lampinen
Owner of Pakurlan Tila

About The Client

Pakurlan Tila – Homegrown apple farm located in the middle of the Paimo city, Finland. Apples and fields have been cultivated within the same family, currently in its 5th generation.
Today, in addition to selling their own apple juice production, they also offer a juice pressing service for their clients.

The Goal

Previously, they used a hydraulic press, a small crusher, and a modest pasteurizer. Daily capacity was limited to 1000 kilograms of apple. They had a huge need of a innovative and higher capacity machinery solution.

The Solution

Through strategic improvements with ProFruit Machinery they decided to go for a full higher capacity juice processing line. Also to add additional machinery to a line were necessary.

The Benefits

“We have achieved a remarkable 5 times increase in efficiency, enabling us to process an impressive 5,000 kilograms of apple during ”office hours”.
The incorporation of additional machinery, notably the screw conveyor for pressed mash removal, has played a pivotal role in maximizing apple yield and minimizing elbow grease required.  This development has also eased our work and now we are able to serve our apple pressing service customers 5 times quicker.”

Increased efficiency
quicker pressing service

The Client Bought

You can check out the machinery which our client ordered and inspect the details by clicking on any of the products below.

Belt press 1200
Fruit pressing

Belt Press POWERPRESS 1200

Belt press POWERPRESS 1200 is designed for pressing fruit, berry and vegetable mass. Fruit mass is placed on the tape which presses it against cylinders.
Stainless steel tanks with different sizes

Stainless Steel Tank

Stainless steel tank with anti-dust cover is used to contain various liquids. Comes in different sizes.


Take a look at pictures of client’s machinery

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profruit machinery juice processing


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profruit machinery juice processing


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