Automatic Bag in Box and Stand up Pouch filler AUTOFLOW

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Automatic Bag in Box and Stand up Pouch filler AUTOFLOW

Bag in Box Filler AUTOFLOW is designed for filling hot and cold liquids into Bag in Box and Stand up pouch packaging. 
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    Just put the bag or pouch into the Bag in Box filler and machine automatically fills up and caps the bag in just a few seconds. 

    • Capacity – 1000 liters per hour.
    • Easy-to-use mechanism does all the work automatically. After inserting the bag into the filler, it automatically removes the tap, vacuums the bag, fills it with liquid and closes the bag.
    • Both hot and cold filling of bags and pouches is possible from 0,5 liters up to 220 liters.
    • It is suitable to fill bag in box and stand up pouch packages with different closures.
    • The buffer tank for hot filling can be integrated. There is also a possibility to get the machine without a buffer tank.
    • The machine has an integrated float inside the buffer tank for regulation of liquid level.
    • Integrated touch-screen control panel grants easier work.
    • Bag in Box filling machine pre-vacuums the bags and pouches before filling.
    • The error of repeatability of volumes is only ± 0,5 %.
    • Easily adjustable filling table is suitable for different volumes of bags and pouches.
    • Working surface of the table consists of conveyor rollers which are exceptionally easy to clean. They also help the bags and pouches smoothly slide out if the bag holder after the filling process is over.
    • The filler is easy to clean after work.
    • The bag in box filler has pivoting wheels.

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