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Pasteurizing machinery is designed to heat and pasteurize various liquids before the filling process. Our pasteurizers are suitable for different liquids: juice, puree, milk, broth and other. 

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Pasteurizing machinery

Electric pasteurizer for juice, milk, broth, etc.

Electric Pasteurizer ECO HEAT

Electric pasteurizer heats and pasteurizes various liquids before the filling process. Machine runs on electricity and is a more ecological choice.
Multi-purpose jam cooker for producing jams, sauces, purees, malmelades and other products

Multi-purpose Jam Cooker

Multi-purpose Jam Cooker with a mixer is designed to produce various jams, sauces, marmelades, purees and other viscous products.
Tube in tube heat exchanger for mash
Fruit, berry & vegetable juice production equipment, Pasteurizing

Heat Exchanger

Tube in tube heat exchanger is specially designed for heating or cooling products with medium-high viscosity (such as mash, berries, etc.). The great advantage of these heat exchangers is to…