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Belt Press POWERPRESS 300

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Belt Press POWERPRESS 300

Belt press POWERPRESS 300 is designed for pressing fruit, berry and vegetable mass. Fruit mass is placed on the belt which presses it against cylinders.
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    Belt press POWERPRESS 300 is designed for pressing fruit, berry and vegetable mash. Fruit mash is supplied on the belt which presses it against shafts.
    The obtained juice flows into a small collection tank under the press with filtration sieve on top. Then the external pump or juice collection tank with pump transfers the juice from the press to a desired storage tank or straight to ROCKET pasteurizer for further processing. The pressing process is continuous.

    Capacity: 300 kg/h

    • The most cost-efficient belt press in the market!
    • The most evolutionary feature of our Belt press POWERPRESS 300 is one huge pressing shaft, which lets the machine to maintain the longer pressing time (belt length is 4900 mm) and huge shaft dimensions squeezes the juice efficiently by saving the costs and space.
    • The juice yield of apples using our belt press is ~65-75 %. The yield highly depends on freshness and variety of fruits.
    • There is a filtration sieve integrated into the juice collection tank. Because of that the belt press 300 filtrates the juice even during the pressing stage providing cleaner and purer product.
    • The belt press includes a high-pressure washer, which continuously washes the belt of the machine. Our belt washing system is simple, does not contain any engines or reducers, so it prolongs the use time and saves service costs.
    • Adjustable fruit inlet lever lets fruit mash supply onto the shaft easily.
    • Crushed fruit mash can be supplied from MAXIMILL or straight from a bucket or basket.
    • After work, belt press should be manually washed with a water stream. A full washing process takes around 15 minutes. Washing is simple and all the parts of the belt press are easily removable without any tools.
    • Belt tension is adjustable.
    • The machine is made entirely of stainless steel and has adjustable feet.
    • Easy to clean with no closed or inaccessible spaces, all parts are easy to assemble.

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