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Easy line 300kg/h with MINIMILL

ProFruit Machinery specializes in cost-effective fruit and vegetable processing with our EASY Line, capable of handling 300 kg/h.

Our technology guarantees that every step preserves the natural properties of your produce, ensuring an easy workflow and efficient production.

The MINIMILL crusher plays a crucial role in our 300 kg/h processing line by efficiently crushing fruits and vegetables into a mash suitable for further processing. Products are fed into the MINIMILL through the inlet, either via conveyor or by manual pouring from containers.

Equipped with interchangeable sieves for various fruits, berries, and vegetables, the MINIMILL ensures versatility in processing. Its special construction prevents damage to stones or seeds, allowing it to handle stone fruits effectively.

Once processed, the mash exits through a bottom outlet, where it can be directed to a monoscrew or other pumps for further handling or into storage bins.

Following milling, the Loading hopper for crushed mash facilitates direct transfer to the Belt Press POWERPRESS 300. This integrated solution features a motorized collection tank on wheels and a volumetric rubber impeller pump on a mobile trolley, with controls for synchronized operation.

The POWERPRESS 300 then efficiently extracts juice from the mashed pulp, ensuring optimal yield and maintaining product quality.

Subsequently, the extracted juice moves into the Juice Collection Tank with Pump, where it is temporarily stored before passing through the Stainless Steel Mechanical Double Juice Filter to remove particles.

After filtration, the juice enters the Pasteurizer-Filler ROCKET, where it undergoes pasteurization and is filled into bottles or Bag in Box packaging. This advanced equipment ensures safety and extends shelf life through precise temperature control.

In conclusion, our integrated 300 kg/h processing line ensures effortless operation, empowering businesses to consistently produce top-quality juices and other liquid products.

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      Belt Press POWERPRESS 300
      Fruit pressing

      Belt Press POWERPRESS 300

      Belt press POWERPRESS 300 is designed for pressing fruit, berry and vegetable mass. Fruit mass is placed on the belt which presses it against cylinders.

      Collecting & Pumping


      Pasteurizing & Filling

      Pasteurizer-filler ROCKET
      Filling machinery, Pasteurizing

      Pasteurizer-Filler ROCKET

      Pasteurizer-Filler Rocket is used for the pasteurization of juice and other liquid products and filling it to bottles or Bag in Box packaging.

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