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Berries Juice Processing

ProFruit Machinery has esteemed expertise in the realm of berry juice processing machinery.

The process commences with the systematic unloading of berries, facilitated by the efficient Bin Tipper UNLOADER 800, ensuring a smooth transition into the processing line. Following this initial step, the berries undergo sorting and preparation on the Sorting Conveyor, guaranteeing that only the finest quality berries proceed further.

Once sorted, the berries are washed and crushed using Fruit Bubble Washer Elevator Mill AQUAMILL. If berries comes prewashed, the process could be done with the Berry and Fruit Crusher.

Berry mash is transferred by Monopump for Fruit Mash, to Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger, which ensures berries ideal pressing temperature.

With a focus on quality and efficiency, the juice is then pressed using the Pneumatic Press for Berries & other Fruits, employing gentle yet effective techniques to extract the finest-quality juice. Following extraction, the juice goes into Stainless Steel Tanks, where it awaits further processing steps. To ensure uniform consistency and texture, the juice undergoes homogenization using the Juice Homogenizer.

In the final stages of processing, the juice undergoes pasteurization to ensure safety and prolong its shelf life. Businesses have the option to choose between the Diesel/Gas Pasteurizer HEAT 500/1000 or the Electric Pasteurizer ECO HEAT 300/500, each offering reliable pasteurization capabilities.

Finally, the processed juice is meticulously filled into packaging containers using either the Automatic Bag in Box Filler AUTOFLOW or the Manual Bottle Filler GRAVITY, ready to delight consumers with its irresistible flavor and freshness.

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      Bin tipper unloader 500
      Fruit washing, sorting, grinding

      Bin Tipper UNLOADER 800

      Bin tipper UNLOADER 800 is used for unloading fruit, berries or vegetables from plastic or wooden pallet boxes.


      Sorting conveyor with transporter for fruits and vegetables
      Fruit washing, sorting, grinding

      Sorting Conveyor

      Sorting conveyor is used in a fruit, berry and vegetable processing line for sorting and drying the products.

      Washing & Crushing

      Temperature control

      Monopump for fruit mash

      Monopump for Fruit Mash

      Monopump for fruit mash transfers grapes, other berries and different fruit, berry or vegetable mash for further processing.
      Tube in tube heat exchanger for mash

      Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger

      Tube in tube heat exchanger is specially designed for heating or cooling products with medium-high viscosity (such as mash, berries, etc.). Its biggest advantage is being able to process products…



      Stainless steel tanks with different sizes

      Stainless Steel Tank

      Stainless steel tank with anti-dust cover is used to contain various liquids. Comes in different sizes.


      Juice Homogenizer

      Juice Homogenizer

      Juice Homogenizer reduces substances in juice, such as sediments, to extremely small particles and distributes it uniformly throughout a fluid.



      Bottle filling machine
      Filling machinery

      Manual Bottle Filler GRAVITY

      Manual bottle filler with 6 filling heads fills various liquids into the bottles. Capacity – 600 pcs. of 0,5 L bottles per hour.

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