Bottle Filler With 6 Filling Heads | For Filling Wine, Juice, Etc.

Manual Bottle Filler GRAVITY

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Manual Bottle Filler GRAVITY

Manual bottle filler with 6 filling heads fills various liquids into the bottles. Capacity – 600 pcs. of 0,5 L bottles per hour.
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    The manual bottle filler is specially easy to use. The filling mechanism works on the basis of gravity. The handle is pulled down and the strong stream of liquid flows out of the head.

    Capacity – 600 pcs. of 0,5 L bottles per hour.

    • The bottle filler is completely made of stainless steel.
    • Gravitational mechanism provides a strong stream as well as easy and effective work.
    • Comes with a buffer tank for fluid.
    • Buffer tank has an integrated flowmeter which helps to follow the liquid level on the buffer tank.
    • Suitable for various liquids that are similar to water consistency such as juice, wine, vodka, etc.
    • Mounted on the pivoting wheels.

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