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Fruit processing machinery accessories are additional machines which can be used in fruit processing and juice production.

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Fruit processing machinery accessories

Plate filter with pump
Accessories, Fruit, berry & vegetable juice production equipment

40×40 Plate Filter with Pump

Plate Filter is made from many layers of cellulose filter pads, which repeatedly filtrate the liquid every time it comes through another filter layer.
Washing pump for washing tanks

Washing pump for tanks

Washing pump for tanks is used for closed type tanks washing. It provides a complete and thourough washing and easies the maintenance process.
Plate filter for filtrating various liquids

Plate Filter

Plate filter is designed for filtrating various liquid products and reducing residues inside.
Monopump for fruit mash

Monopump for Fruit Mash

Monopump for fruit mash transfers grapes, other berries and different fruit, berry or vegetable mash for further processing.
Tank with a mixer 500-1000 liters

Tank with Agitator

Tank with agitator for containing and mixing various liquids. Made from stainless steel. Available sizes: 100 L, 500 L, 1000 L, 1500 L, 2000 L, etc.
Beverage filter for various liquids

Beverage Filter

Beverage filter is designed to filter various liquids, such as juice, cider, wine, sauce, broth, liqueur, beer, soap, etc.
Rotational juice filter

Rotational Juice Filter

Rotational juice filter is a universal and simple juice filtration mechanism for separating the excess of fruit pulp and sediments in juice.
Juice Homogenizer

Juice Homogenizer

Juice Homogenizer reduces substances in juice, such as sediments, to extremely small particles and distributes it uniformly throughout a fluid.