Plate Filter | For Filtrating Wine, Juice, Beer, Oil, Etc.

Plate Filter

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Plate Filter

Plate filter is designed for filtrating various liquid products and reducing residues inside.
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    Plate filter is made from many layers of cellulose filter sheets, which repeatedly filtrate the liquid every time it comes through another filter layer. Machine has an integrated pump which supplies the liquid. Plate filter is made from stainless steel AISI 304 and is available on wheels and in desk type.

    The cellulose filter sheets are interchangeable and can have different specifications according to client’s product and its needs. They provide different filtering surface and filtering capacity (from 130 l/h to 1800 l/h).

    Available capacities: from 130 l/h to 1800 l/h (when filtrating wine)

    • Suitable for various liquids: wine, beer, oil, juice, pharmaceutical liquids and other.
    • Liquids are filtrated by many layers of cellulose filter sheets.
    • Filter sheets are interchangeable.
    • Made from stainlelss steel AISI 304.
    • Can be mounted on wheels or be in desk type.

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