Beverage Filter For Various Liquids | Juice, Wine, Beer, Broth, Etc.

Beverage Filter

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Beverage Filter

Beverage filter is designed to filter various liquids, such as juice, cider, wine, sauce, broth, liqueur, beer, soap, etc.
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    Beverage filter is made completely from stainless steel, has a sight glass and manometer. Filter has an integrated stainless steel mesh inside which ensures the highest filtration quality. The mesh has an extremely robust construction and high mechanical strength. The mesh comes in different sizes: from 10μm till 200μm.

    The inside and outside of the filter is covered with electro-polishing which reduces possibility of particles stagnation and bacteria. There are two connections for inlet and outlet of the product. Filter has adjustable, detachable feet for more convenient usage.

    Capacity: 3000 L/h.

    • Ideal for aggressive, viscous and hot products.
    • The mesh comes in different sizes from 10μm till 200μm.
    • Filter is washable and can be cleaned by chemical solvent, hot water or steam.
    • Has a long service life.
    • Stainless steel AISI 316L ensures longevity as well as quality of the product.
    • With sight glass and manometer.
    • Beverage filter is easy to clean after using.

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