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In our assortment you will find all the machinery needed for a full fruit, berry & vegetable processing and juice production line. From washers and grinders to pasteurizers and fillers – all juice production equipment carefully produced and developed by ProFruit Machinery™.

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All machinery

See all the machinery needed for fruit, berry & vegetable processing and juice production.

Fruit washing, sorting, grinding

Fruit, berry & vegetable processing machinery for washing, sorting and grinding.

Juice pressing

Machinery for producing juice from various fruits, berries & vegetables

Destoning pulping

Machinery for producing puree and juice from various stone fruits, berries & vegetables


Diesel, gas and electric pasteurizers for heating up various liquids.

Filling machinery

See our fillers for Bag in Box, Stand up Pouch packaging & bottles.


Various additional machines & tanks for fruit processing.

Full Production Lines

See our most popular production processing lines