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Bag in Box & Stand up Pouch Packaging

We offer Bag in Box packaging, Stand up Pouch (Pouch-up) packages and carton boxes for Bag in Box.

Bag in Box packaging is a set of packaging which consists of high-barrier multi-layer polyethylene bag and a rigid outer shell (cardboard box, drum, case and etc.). This packaging is designed to conveniently contain various liquids: juice, wine, vodka, disinfectant fluid, oil, egg melange, milk, etc.

In our assortment we offer packages from 1 l to 220 l. We also offer packages with different types of closings (taps, pouring caps, milk tubes, etc.) which ensures the best using experience for every product. Besides this, you can also order cardboard boxes or drum cases for the bags as well as innovative and even more convenient Bag in Box alternative – Stand up Pouch packaging.

Bag in Box packaging full

Why Choose Our Bag in Box Packaging?

Our company has not only been working with fruit processing machinery for almost 10 years but also using Bag in Box packages in juice production business. We use these packages ourselves – that is why we can guarantee the best quality and the most appealing price.


Every part of the packages is produced by the same producer: from films to a finished bag. That ensures higher quality and reduces risks of defects.


We truly offer appealing prices – just ask for an offer or fill in the contact form and see for yourself. We also offer free samples.


The defect percentage of the packages is less than 0,05 % and highest quality and full support is our priorities.

Packagin for juice stand up pouch

Stand up Pouch packaging (Pouch-up)

Innovative and up-to-date Stand up Pouch packaging is a more convenient Bag in Box alternative designed to contain liquids, such as juice, oils, wine, and spirits.

Self-standing Stand up Pouch packages are made from combined barrier films, to keep the liquid safe from the air, sun, and other components. Stand up Pouch is lightweight, good looking, with a very low carbon footprint compared to glass and PET bottles and does not require a cardboard box.

Stand up Pouch ensured the shelf life up to +1 year. We offer 0,75 l to 5 l volume packages in white color, universal design or a custom made design.

Innovation – Stand up Pouch packaging will replace PET bottles in the future!

Why Choose Stand up Pouch Packaging?

Not only Stand up Pouch is more convenient because it does not require an additional cardboard box but also it has a lot of other benefits.


It is strong, stable and unbreakable. Does not crash like glass, does not bend and retains the nice shape.


A possibility to choose from white, universal designs or to create your own. A custom design provides a wide space for your commercial information.


The package protects product from outside substances such as sun, air, etc. It keeps your liquid fresh and safe.