Juice Clarification System | Filtrates Juice & Removes Sediments

Juice Clarification System

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Juice Clarification System

Juice clarification system is designed to filtrate and clarify the juice by removing various sediments.
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    Juice clarification system is an efficient way to improve juice quality and reach pure consistency. During the work process, juice flows through several different sieves which filtrate the liquid and remove excess pulp and sediments.

    Output: 2000 L/h

    • Juice clarification system consists of vertical pressure leaf filter, sheet filter with 20PP plates and manual screw closure.
    • Machine has a plastic tray for cake collecting at the end of filtration.
    • Made from stainless steel materials (AISI 304)
    • Machine is mounted on pivoting wheels.
    • Machine is easy to use and clean.

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