Rotational Juice Filter | For Separating Juice & Sediments

Rotational Juice Filter

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Rotational Juice Filter

Rotational juice filter is a universal and simple juice filtration mechanism for separating the excess of fruit pulp and sediments in juice.
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    Machine works well with various fruit, berry and vegetable juice and pulp. During the work process, the juice enters the machine through the spinning filtration sieve. This way excess pulp and sediments stay in the sieve and filtered juice enters the juice collection tank. The sieve spins continuously so juice can flow without interruptions.

    Output: 1000 L/h.

    • Conical form of the filter facilitates the work process so the pulp is collected and removed easily.
    • The washing of the filter is rarely needed because of convenient conical filter form. That is why washing can be done once per day.
    • Rotational juice filter has an integrated juice collection tank which collects the juice.
    • Juice collection tank has an automatic pump and liquid level control. When the tank is full, the pump automatically turns on and transfers the juice for further processing.
    • Machine is made entirely from stainless steel.
    • Rotational juice filter is mounted on wheels.
    • Machine is especially simple to use and easy to maintain.

    This filter is often used after our DESTONE destoning & pulping machine to remove the pulp from the berries or other fruits and achieve uniform quality juice or puree.

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