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Fruit & Vegetable Dryer DRYFRUIT

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Fruit & Vegetable Dryer DRYFRUIT

Fruit and vegetable dryer DRYFRUIT removes water from various fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, etc., using air drying by condensation.
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    Machine is using air drying by condensation which is a cost-efficient solution to remove moisture in various products. The drying process is based on big differences in temperature which evaporate the water and dry various products.

    Firstly, fruit and vegetable dryer cools down the temperature in the machine below the dew point of air. Then the temperature swiftly rises at the level which is enough for drying fruits, vegetables and other products inside the machine. This way of drying provides the highest quality as it preserves all product characteristics (aroma, taste & color).

    Available outputs: 15 kg/cycle, 25 kg/cycle, 50 kg/cycle.

    • Electronic regulation of drying temperature allows to adjust drying conditions required for different products.
    • Fruit and vegetable dryer has a water drain to remove the water.
    • Machine is made from stainless steel materials and the structure is made of AISI 304.
    • High ambient temperature operation up to +43°C.
    • The machine is thermally insulated and easily maintains low and high temperatures.
    • Fruit and vegetable dryer works fully automatically.
    • Thermal insulation is CFC free which means it does not contain chemicals harmful to humans.
    • Machine has reversible and self-closing doors.
    • Adjustable and removable shelf supports facilitate the process.

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