Monopump For Fruit Mash | Whole Grapes, Berries & Fruit Mash

Monopump for Fruit Mash

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Monopump for Fruit Mash

Monopump for fruit mash transfers grapes, other berries and different fruit, berry or vegetable mash for further processing.
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    Monopump for fruit mash is designed for transfering various mashes, marcs and whole berries. Machine is perfect for destemmed grapes and fermented marcs.

    Monopump consists of a screw conveyor and a wide loading hopper for more convenient unloading. The machine is entirely made from stainless steel. The control panel of the pump has a reverse gear.

    • Suitable for whole berries (especially grapes) as well as fruit, berry or vegetable mash.
    • Made from stainlelss steel AISI 304.
    • Mounted on wheels.
    • Has a reverse gear.

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