Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger | For Heating Mash & Berries

Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger

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Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger

Tube in tube heat exchanger is specially designed for heating or cooling products with medium-high viscosity (such as mash, berries, etc.). The great advantage of these heat exchangers is to be able to process products with fibers or particles, without the risk of clogging.
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    Tube-in-tube heat exchanger (also known as Double tube heat exchanger) consists of a heat exchanger with two concentric tubes. The product flows through the inner tube while the heating is done through the outer tube by water.

    Our heat exchanger is perfect for heating whole berries and fruit/berry/vegetable mash before further processing (pressing/destoning/pulping). The mash can be supplied by mono-screw pump or with mash pump.

    Water heating can be done by our external water heaters using diesel (oil), gas or electricity. Hot water can also be supplied externally from other hot water source.

    Output: from 500 kg/h to 3000 kg/h (on client’s request)

    • Different lenght, diameter possibilities for different capacities.
    • Product Inlet/outlet temperature sensors for monitoring
    • Easy to disassemble and wash.
    • Can be washed by CIP and washing ball.
    • External water heater is required, and sold separately.
    • Can be mounted on the wheels or on the wall.

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