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Juice Homogenizer

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Juice Homogenizer

Juice Homogenizer reduces substances in juice, such as sediments, to extremely small particles and distributes it uniformly throughout a fluid.
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    Homogenization process involves forcing the liquid through small openings under high pressure, thus breaking up various sediments into smaller pieces. This way homogenizer produces juice which does not settle down in layers after some time – it preserves unified liquid.

    Juice homogenizer is used to achieve uniform color product, without any layers of sediment. It can be used for juice or puree. Machine is used before pasteurization process

    Capacity: 1000-3000 l/h (depends on the pressure that is used on the liquid).

    • Juice homogenizer has a direct transmission system with trapezoidal belts and pulleys.
    • Hydro-pneumatic adjustment of the pressure ensures the stability of the machine.
    • Machine has a digital pressure transmitter with ceramic membrane for a more convenient usage.
    • Machine has an overpressure valve as well as flow switch alarm.
    • Central control box and control panel ensures an easy and convenient work.
    • Machine has an easy opening panel.

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