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Bath pasteurizer for bottles

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Bath pasteurizer for bottles

Bath pasteurizer option is the perfect solution for post fill pasteurization of your bottled or canned products.
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    Bath pasteurizer option is the perfect solution for post fill pasteurization of your bottled or canned products. 97 units of standard 0.75 L bottles easily fits in 4 baskets. 

    Our bath pasteurizers can be produced in two options:
    1. Autonomous bath pasteurizer with electric heating elements and integrated control panel.
    2. Bath pasteurizer as an option together with HEAT or ECOHEAT pasteurizers. Then water heating is done with our pasteurizer and the same control panel is used for controlling both devices.


    • Mounted on pivoting wheels.
    • Insulated heating bath to save the energy and temperature.
    • Can be used for glass bottles, jars, cans, any other heat resistant package.
    • Works with different products, like juices, jams, marmalades, puree, sauces, etc.
    • Automatic temperature and time control.
    • Water overflow protection.
    • Fast and easy loading and unloading of bottle trays.
    • Entirely made of stainless steel.

    The bottles, cans, or jars are loaded into the trays and then trays are loaded into the bath. The desired pasteurization temperature and holding time settings can be set simply using the integrated control panel or on the HEAT or ECOHEAT pasteurizers.

    At a start of process, bottles or jars are placed into the bath, then water is filled into the bath until it reaches bottle neck. Then pasteurizer is connected, temperature (max 90 C⁰) and time is set. Then it starts to heat up the water inside the bath. When set temperature is reached, timer turns on and pasteurization is started. In the meantime, in the new set of trays filled bottles can be loaded for a faster exchange process.

    When timer ends, water out of the bath pasteurizer is released and bottles are unloaded.
    As the temperature is only measured in the bath, it is important to monitor the core temperature of your product to ensure that adequate pasteurization has been achieved.