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Great, great move. With the purchase, we significantly improved the work process and working conditions. The attitude and responsiveness of ProFruit are excellent and it’s an example of good practice that all companies should follow. This was our first contact with this company and I believe it will not be the last. WE RECOMMEND!

Ivan Praznik
Owner of Kmetija Kajžer

About The Client

Kmetija Kajžer is a mountain farm cultivating various crops and products, including harvesting apples and pears. Besides other production (honey, potatoes, wax, etc.) they are also producing juice, wine and cider.

The Goal

Kmetija Kajžer used to wash and crush apples separately and were looking for options to upgrade machinery.

The Solution

After discussions about production capacity and their needs, we offered Fruit washer elevator mill MAXIMILL 1000 which is perfect for washing and crushing apples and pears.

The Benefits

Fruit washer elevator mill MAXIMILL 1000 is a great option for washing and crushing fruits, especially apples and pears. Machine is equipped with additional table in front of the washing basin for conveniently placing boxes with fruits on it and pouring products straight into the water. A spacious washing basin is made in V form which helps fruits to easily move to the elevator.

Integrated water-spraying system provides additional washing when lifting the fruits up the conveyor. In addition to that, the crushing head of machine is round, so all the crushed mash goes directly out for further processing. This feature also significantly helps when washing the head as there are no corners. Compared to machines of other producers, round shape technology is superior because corners of square-shaped heads hold a lot of fruit mash for hours and can cause juice fermentation.

The Client Bought

You can check out the machinery which our client ordered and inspect the details by clicking on any of the products below.


Take a look at pictures of our machinery at Kmetija Kajžer

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