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ProFruit are Visiting and Colsulting Clients in Sweden

ProFruit has many clients all over Scandinavia, including Sweden. Last week we were delighted to visit Grönsakshallen Sorunda and Moving Target with our CEO Pijus and ProFruit representative in the Swedish market, Rååpress.

Client: Grönsakshallen Sorunda  has been a long-time partner of ProFruit.

Equipment in use:

Fruit & Vegetable Washer Elevator Mill MAXIMILL 1000
Belt Press POWERPRESS 800

After our last meeting at the Scanpack exhibition, we had the opportunity to review their progress and identify new equipment requirements. Grönsakshallen Sorunda is one of Sweden’s major fruit and vegetable importers, processing a wide variety of fruits for fresh juice production, including apples, beets, carrots, chili, pineapples, ginger & more.

During the meeting, we discussed the possibilities of expanding their product range to include pasteurized juices. Additionally, the need for a more powerful Fruit and Vegetable Washer Elevator Mill MAXIMILL 3000 was highlighted, that will rely to their growing needs.

Client: Moving Target has recently implemented our juice processing equipment.

Their expertise lies in apple pressing in the Kivik region of Sweden. We’re excited to share our knowledge and best practices with clients like Moving Target, providing support for their venture into the juice pressing business. They’ve showcased remarkable juice yield and operational efficiency with our machinery.

Equipment in use:

Bin Tipper UNLOADER 500
Sorting Conveyor
Fruit & Vegetable Washer Elevator Mill MAXIMILL 1000
Belt Press POWERPRESS 800
Screw Conveyor for Pressed Mash
Diesel/Gas Pasteurizer HEAT 500
Semi-automatic Bag in Box & Stand up Pouch Filler SEMIFLOW
Manual Bottle Filler GRAVITY

We are proud to collaborate with such diverse clients in the Swedish market, offering our expertise and innovative equipment solutions.
ProFruit is constantly communicating with our clients, providing comprehensive support and advice in all matters.

juice processing line in sweden juice processing line in sweden

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