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juice pressing service business

ProFruit Machinery Explains Juice Pressing Service Business

ProFruit Machinery has helped hundreds of businesses worldwide to start their own juice pressing service businesses.

In this video we take you through each step of running a successful juice pressing service business, providing a detailed look at the full process.


In just few minutes of watching, you’ll discover:

-How ProFruit Machinery can be your ideal partner in your juice pressing venture.

-The essential machinery required to establish a full juice processing service.

-The efficiency of a complete juice processing line.

-The optimal work planning for your operations.

-The types of fruits, berries, and vegetables that work best with our machinery.

-The most suitable packaging options for your juice filling needs.

All this valuable information is packed into one video!


We’re presenting our years of experience in a short video:


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Our company produces various juice pressing machinery and full fruit, berry and vegetable processing lines. We offer the machinery based on your needs, as well as make customized individual orders and design full processing plants.

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