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Elevating Juice Production with POWERPRESS Belt Presses

At ProFruit Machinery, our expertise in fruit, berry, and vegetable processing has led us to introduce a highest quality juice pressing solution: the POWERPRESS Belt Presses. These machines offer multiple capacities, including 400 kg/h, 800 kg/h, 1200 kg/h, 1500 kg/h, 3000 kg/h.

The standout feature of the POWERPRESS Belt Presses is their integrated pump and juice collection tank. This innovative design eliminates the need for additional equipment, effectively saving space and costs. With an impressive juice yield of ~75%, these presses maximize the potential output of your fruits, berries, and vegetables.

juice belt press

Quality is paramount, and the POWERPRESS Belt Presses deliver it consistently. Equipped with a built-in filtration sieve, they ensure a purer and clearer juice for your final product.

Automation lies at the heart of the POWERPRESS Belt Presses. Their intelligent design ensures hands-free operation. When the mash inlet tank is full, preceding machines automatically deactivate. Similarly, when the juice tank reaches capacity, the pump seamlessly transfers the juice to storage tanks.

Maintenance is made simple with the POWERPRESS Belt Presses. They incorporate a high-pressure washer that consistently cleans the machine’s belt. This proactive system not only prolongs the equipment’s lifespan but also reduces service costs. The inclusion of a pneumatic lifting security cover enhances accessibility for cleaning, simplifying maintenance further.

Post-processing, manual washing is remarkably efficient, requiring just 15-20 minutes. Removable parts that require no tools facilitate a seamless cleaning process. With adjustable belt tension and a stainless steel build, durability and user-friendliness remain at the forefront.

The versatility of the POWERPRESS Belt Presses encompasses a diverse range of capacities, from 400 to 3000 kg/h. This wide selection ensures their suitability for different products. From fruits like apples and pears, to vegetables such as carrots and beetroots, and even berries like chokeberry – these presses manage to satisfy your needs and produce excellent natural juices. Regardless of capacity, the core principles of POWERPRESS Belt Presses – efficiency, quality, and simplicity – continue to shine.

In addition to their exceptional performance in fruits, berries & vegetables processing, the versatility of our belt presses extends even further. Drawing from our experience with clients, these machines have demonstrated their effectiveness in a diverse range of productions. From efficiently pressing onions to various types of seaweed and even minced fish, our POWERPRESS Belt Presses have proven their adaptability in meeting diverse pressing needs.

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