Tank With Agitator

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Tank With Agitator

Tank with agitator for containing and mixing various liquids. Made from stainless steel.
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    Tank with agitator is the perfect choice for containing and mixing various liquid products (including viscous products), such as different juice, puree, sauce, broth, etc. Tank with agitator is a great choice especially for mixing various juices, e.g. apple, carrot, berry, etc.

    The agitator is attached through the side and secured with a special connection which does not spill any liquid. As an option, there is a frequency inverter in the mixer which lets to adjust the mixing speed.

    Tank with agitator is made from stainless steel. There is an optional anti-dust cover for hygienic containment and protection from sun rays, dust and other substances. Tanks come in different sizes. There is a possibility to have inlet and outlet connections in different sizes on request.

    • Available sizes: 100 L, 500 L, 1000 L, 1500 L, 2000 L, etc.
    • Open and closed options.
    • Mounted on wheels.
    • Stainless steel ensures longevity and quality of the product.
    • Comes with anti-dust cover which protects the liquid inside.
    • Stainless steel tanks are easy to clean after using.

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