Bottle Rinser | Semi-Automatic Rinser

Semi-automatic Bottle Rinser

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Semi-automatic Bottle Rinser

The bottle rinser is designed to rinse the inside of new bottles, before filling them, avoiding water drops on the bottles outside.
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    Bottle rinser is a great solution for easily maintaining hygiene standards. The operator manually places the bottles upside down in one of the 20 positions on machine’s central plate. The plate is turning in step-by-step motion.

    Firstly, one rinsing nozzle sprays the water inside the bottle. Then the table starts rotating which makes the water drip down together with any residues that need to be removed.

    The water jet is operated by the bottle itself (no bottle – no spraying) and can be adjusted as needed, according to different bottle specifications.

    The dripping time is about 10 sec. This includes the time needed for the bottle to make a complete turn before the operator can take it away.

    • Machine requires manual loading and unloading of the bottles
    • The bottle rinser operates with water injection.
    • The water is filtered using a 0,35 μm filtering cartridge, supplied together with the machine.
    • The central plate has 20 bottle rinsing positions
    • The bottle rinser is mounted on the wheels.
    • Produced totally in stainless steel AISI 304.

    Technical specifications:

    • Output: adjustable up to 1200 b.p.h.
    • Voltage: 220 V – 50 Hz
    • Installed Power: 0,35 kw
    • Measurements: 1000 mm x 1000 x h 850 mm.
    • Weight: 90 kg
    • Water consumption: approx 30-40 Litres/hour
    • Water infeed fitting: 1.¾”

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