Bottle Filling Capping Machine | For Thin & Dense Liquids

Bottle filling and capping station-monoblock

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Bottle filling and capping station-monoblock

Bottle filling and capping station-monoblock is designed to fill bottles and jars with various liquids, and close them with a twist-off cap.
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    The bottle filling capping machine is perfect to fill various liquids: from water-like to dense food products: juice, milk, puree, jam, marmalade, etc. Machine is ideal for dense and partially dense products – it gives a higher precision in the dosing without pressure adjustments, thanks to the quick electronic adjustment.

    This solution is ideal for small to medium producers of food products, as it allows to work with a speed of about 500-800 bottles/hour, with a minimum manual handling by the operator.

    When using the machine, first the bottles are manually placed on the bottle storing table. From there the conveyor transports them to the filling area where a bottle is filled with liquid and capped with a twist-off cap. Lastly, the conveyor transports the filled bottles out of the machine.

    Output: 500-800 bottles/hour

    • Ideal for dense and partially dense products (purees, sauces, etc.)
    • Stainless steel construction, fixed on height-adjustable feet.
    • Safety panels with micro-switches for stopping the machine in case of emergency.
    • Linear conveyor section, 2 m long, with motorized drive and bottle storing table.
    • Pneumatic bottle stopper under the dosing valve (no jar – no fill)
    • Suitable for both hot (up to 90°C / 194°F) and cold filling to glass bottles.
    • Machine fills the bottles using an electronically controlled dosing system with gear pump which grants high precision.
    • Touchscreen panel with recording of the doses, allowing a wide range of min/max filling (starting from 20cc).
    • Air operated twist capper, with low rpm operation and adjustable power. It also has a pneumatic piston for up/down motion of the capsuling head.
    • CIP washing option, which allows to put the pump in continuous running way to clean it by water or detergent.

    Options for a fully automatic mode:

    • To increase capacity up to 1200 bottles/h – we can offer upgraded version with rotational starwheel.
    • Magnetic type sorting bowl and feeder for caps.
    • Adjustable chute to fit different sizes of capsules.
    • Cap presence with photocell sensors.
    • Double stopping position of the bottle for cap dispensing and closing.

    Specification information:

    • Compressed air need : 150 lt/m’ at 6 bars
    • Standard Power: 0,37KW – 380V 3Ph ( or 220V 1Ph) 50 Hz

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