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Multi-purpose Jam Cooker

Multi-purpose Jam Cooker-

Multi-purpose Jam Cooker

With ability to use different cooking parameters, machine heats up and mixes various liquids to produce the desired products.

The machine provides the ability to set the recipes, time, temperature and mixing speed. These features significantly facilitate the cooking process and reduce the workload

Available volumes: from 200 L to 500 L.

  • Machine is perfect for producing various jams, purees, sauces, marmelades, goulashes and other products.
  • Integrated mixer with scrappers prevent product from sticking to the walls.
  • Jam cooker has an adjustable speed with integrated fully automatic temperature and cooking time control.
  • Touchscreen panel lets to set the recipes, time, temperature and mixing speed.
  • The heating can be done by water or by electric heating elements using glycerin.
  • Available different volumes according to the client’s request.
  • Machine is double-walled and entirely made from stainless steel.

The heating of the product can be done in two ways. The jam cooker can be produced with it‘s own electric heating elements using glycerin heating instead of water.

Alternatively, the heating can be done by hot water which can be supplied from our specially made HEAT or ECOHEAT pasteurizers. When heating in jam cooker is done, product can be supplied into the pasteurizer for a final fast pasteurization in higher temperatures.