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Electric Pasteurizer ECO HEAT 300-500

Electric pasteurizer for juice, milk, broth, etc.

Electric Pasteurizer ECO HEAT 300-500

The liquid comes into the tubular spiral surrounded by hot water which is heated by three electrical heating elements. The heat from the water heats up the liquid and eliminates the bacteria.

Available outputs: 300 L/h, 500 L/h

  • The pasteurizer is suitable to heat various liquids, including viscous liquids: juice, puree, wine, broth, milk and other.
  • The maximum heating temperature of electric pasteurizer is 90 º C (194 °F).
  • Juice comes into the tubular spiral which is surrounded by hot water.
  • Tubular spiral is made of stainless steel.
  • The boiler has an integrated spiral. This provides saving of space and also prevention of heat loss when pumping the water into external heat exchanger. As a result, this technology saves the heating energy up to 15-20 %.
  • The heating power is 30 kW.
  • Electric pasteurizer has a touch-screen panel with digital thermostat which provides an automatic water temperature control.
  • Automatic regulation of liquid temperature ensures an easy way to change the filling temperature on digital display.
  • The pasteurizer is fast and easy to clean. It can be washed by CIP cleaning together with our Bag in Box fillers.
  • Machine has pivoting wheels.
  • The pasteurizer is easy to clean and maintain.

Electric pasteurizers work in perfect synergy with our Bag in Box fillers. They have a special connection between them which prevents liquid from overflowing and ensures easy work.