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Automatic Bag in Box Filler MAXIFLOW

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Automatic Bag in Box Filler MAXIFLOW

Machine provides fully automatic filling process for webbed Bag in Box bags. After inserting the first bag, machine removes the cap, fills the liquid and caps the bag. Then it releases the filled bag and takes another one for filling. This way the filling process is continuous and operator only needs to take the filled bag out of machine.

To fill separate Bag in Box or Pouch bags, insert a package into the filler and press START button – machine automatically removes the tap, vacuums the bag, fills it with liquid and closes the bag.

Capacity: ~2000 l/h

  • Perfect for filling various liquids: from juice, wine, milk to broth, oil, soap, etc.
  • Easy-to-use mechanism does all the work automatically. In addition to that, bags can be supplied to machine manually (separate bags or pouches) or automatically (bags in web).
  • Suitable for both hot and cold filling.
  • Machine fills Bag in Box bags in sizes 1–30 L, Stand up Pouch packages in sizes 0,75–5 L.
  • Machine fills packages with tap closure. It is also possible to fill packages with different closures on request.
  • Laser safety mechanism protects limbs by automatically stopping & cancelling the filling process in case of an accident.
  • Machine is made from stainless steel materials (AISI 304).
  • Touch-screen control panel and multi-language menu grant easier work.
  • The error of repeatability of volumes is only ± 0,3 %.
  • Additional filling table is possible, which slides beneath the main table for filling bags of bigger volume (from 20 to 30 L).
  • The filler is easy to clean after work with external and CIP cleaning.
  • Working surface of the table consists of conveyor rollers which are exceptionally easy to clean.
  • All parts have IP 65 water protection.