ELEGAST CIDERY Machinery Project

The efficiency is enormous. In one day now we press almost 3000 liters with one person. Last year, with two persons we pressed 1000 liters per day. So we are much more efficient.

Arjen Meeuwsen
Owner of Elegast Cidery
The Netherlands

About The Client

Elegast cidery produce natural cider from traditional Dutch orchard apples. They do everything themselves: harvest apples, press them into juice and ferment it to reach unique taste.

The Goal

Elegast cidery used to work with a pack press which did not meet their output needs. 2 persons would have to work with this press only to reach ~1000 L of juice per day. This was not enough – especially having in mind that pack press required too much of their work and attention. Naturally, their goal was to reach bigger efficiency.

The Solution

To find the best solution, we arranged several video calls which helped us fully understand clients needs and expectations. We offered a full fruit processing line with 1200 kg/h capacity which consists of:

⚙️ Bin tipper UNLOADER 500
⚙️ Transporter
⚙️ Fruit washer elevator mill MAXIMILL 3000
⚙️ Belt press POWERPRESS 1200
⚙️ Double filters
⚙️ Screw conveyor

The Benefits

Our full 1200 kg/h fruit processing line increased efficiency significantly. It went from 1000 L per day (working with 2 persons), to 3000 L per day (working with 1 person).

Our machines managed to improve overall juice production performance. Besides bigger efficiency, one of the main benefits of purchasing a full line is assurance that all the machines work in perfect synergy. This led to a more convenient work process and easier maintenance – at Elegast cidery our machines require 50 % less of manpower.

During the work process, bin tipper lifts up the box with apples and pours them onto conveyor. Conveyor transports products to the fruit washer elevator mill, which washes the apples and crushes them into a mash. Then mash enters the belt press – machine’s belt continuously presses mash against the cylinders and produce juice. Juice is filtrated by double juice filters and screw conveyor takes care of leftover mash by transporting it to outside container. After this, everything is prepared for fermentation process which leads to natural and delicious cider.

Increased efficiency
Less manpower required

The Client Bought

You can check out the machinery which our client ordered and inspect the details by clicking on any of the products below.

Bin tipper for unloading boxes
Fruit, berry & vegetable juice production equipment

Bin tipper UNLOADER 500

Bin tipper UNLOADER 500 is used for unloading fruit, berries or vegetables from plastic or wooden pallet boxes.
Sorting conveyor with transporter for fruits and vegetables
Fruit, berry & vegetable juice production equipment

Sorting Conveyor

Sorting conveyor is used in a fruit, berry and vegetable processing line for sorting and drying the products.
Belt press for fruit processing
Fruit, berry & vegetable juice production equipment

Belt press POWERPRESS 1200

Belt press POWERPRESS 1200 is designed for pressing fruit, berry and vegetable mass. Fruit mass is placed on the tape which presses it against cylinders.
Double juice filter made from stainless steel
Fruit, berry & vegetable juice production equipment

Double Juice Filters

Mechanical double juice filters provide filtration of juice before pasteurizing.

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