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Mobile Fruit Processing Line

In our assortment you will find all the machinery needed for full fruit, berry & vegetable lines. From washers and grinders to pasteurizers and fillers – all juice pressing equipment carefully produced and developed by ProFruit

Mobile Fruit Processing Line

Mobile Fruit Processing Line contains all machines for juice production and offers a possibility to process various fruits and produce juice at your selected place.
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    The Mobile Fruit Processing Line is designed to conveniently accommodate all the machines necessary for juice production and a smooth work process. It contains:

    • Fruit and vegetable washer elevator mill MAXIMILL 3000
    • Belt press POWERPRESS 1500
    • Transporter for leftover mash
    • Stainless steel tanks
    • Diesel pasteurizer
    • Semi-automatic Bag in Box filler
    • Juice filters
    • Sink with a stainless steel table

    Capacity: 1500 kg/h.

    Other available capacities: 400 kg/h, 800 kg/h, 1200 kg/h.


    • The mobile juice line conveniently contains all the machines required for fruit processing & juice production.
    • Requires only 1 person to operate the whole line.
    • Mobility is the biggest advantage which eliminates costs for premises and provides the ability to change location.
    • The juice yield from apples is ~75 % .
    • All machines are interconnected and controlled automatically.
    • The mobile juice production unit includes a Bag in Box filler which fills the juice into both Bag in Box and Stand up Pouch packages.
    • The mobile juice line can be customized on client’s request.
    • The line is easy to operate and maintain.
    • The mobile fruit processing line is installed in a specially made trailer which can be easily opened for work and shut when needed.

    The biggest advantage of our Mobile Fruit Processing Line is the ability to produce juice anywhere you like. This way the client avoids additional expenses for premises and gets the ability to change work location.

    Mobility is the key aspect here which provides the client with more possibilities, such as developing a juice pressing service business at various apple farms or different towns.

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