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Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine

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Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine

Automatic bottle labeling machine is used for placing self-adhesive labels onto various bottles.
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    Bottle labeling machine is suitable for self-adhesive labels from reel, with max. Ø.220mm. The maximum label roll height is 150 mm, higher sizes are available on demand.

    The positioning height of the labeling units can be easily adjusted. The labeling units can be quickly set to apply labels with different sizes and shapes.

    The operation of the machine is controlled by the touchscreen panel. The timing of the label release can be adjusted, changing consequently the position of the labels on the bottle, until the exact placement is achieved (adjustment by a potentiometer).

    • Bottle labeling machine has safety covers made from plexiglass.
    • Infeed separating cylinder – no need to change components for different bottle sizes
    • One labelling station for application of self-adhesive body label (max paper passage H.150mm)
    • Labelling unit motion is done by a stepping motor
    • Labelling unit is supplied with a loading plate for a roll Ø.250mm max.
    • Labelling unit is adjustable in height, for the easiest adjustment to the different types of labels and bottles (adjustment by handle).
    • Machine has a touchscreen panel for adjusting the labelling settings.
    • There is a start signal for labels release by precision sensor.
    • Speed of labelling unit is synchronized with the speed of the machine.
    • There is no drive motor for chain supplied, no conveyor chain supplied.
    • Machine’s base-frame is completely covered with stainless steel plate.
    • Aluminium parts are covered with anti-rust painting.

    Specification information:

     Output 1.000 bph – fixed speed
    Applications Front body labels, self-adhesive type from reel
    Bottles Cylindrical bottles – Min – Max. Ø. 55-110mm


    • Standard height of conveyor from floor: 900 mm (adjustable +/-50mm)
    • Standard Voltage: 400 / 50HZ / 3-phases
    • Standard conveyor frame length: 1.500 mm

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