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Fruit and Vegetable Washer Elevator Mill MAXIMILL 1000

Fruit washer elevator mill MAXIMILL 3000

MAXIMILL 1000 is designed for washing, transporting and milling fruits and vegetables before further processing.

Available outputs: 1000 kg/h, 3000 kg/h

Suitable for: apples, pears, carrots, peaches, various berries, various destoned fruits.

MAXIMILL working in a full mobile fruit processing line

The fruit washer mill is made from stainless steel. Firstly, the operator of machine pours fruits and vegetables into the washing tub with clean water. Conveyor lifts the products up to the mill. During the lifting process, water nozzles spray the fruits and vegetables with clean water. The mill crushes the products after they reach the top of the conveyor. Finally, the fruit and vegetable mash comes out of mill.


  • The crushing head of the machine is round, so all the crushed mash goes directly out for further processing. This feature significantly helps when washing the head as there are no corners.
    Our round shape technology is superior to other producers’, because a lot of fruit mash gets stuck in the corners of square-shaped heads for hours and can cause juice fermentation!
  • Machine has additional table in front of the basin for putting fruits or boxes on it. It facilitates the process of pouring the products into the basin.
  • V form washing basin helps fruits and vegetables move directly to the conveyor, therefore less fruit stay in the basin.
  • Integrated water-spraying system provides additional washing when lifting the fruits up the conveyor.
  • Belt conveyor has a water drainage and speed regulation system.
  • The speed of the belt conveyor is adjustable in the control panel.
  • Optional replaceable cutting graters/sieves are available for different fruits and berries.
  • The mill does not damage the fruit seed.
  • Machine is easy to clean after using.
  • Powerful 2.2 kW crushing engine can crush various fruits, berries and vegetables – from soft raspberries to hard apples, beets, etc.
  • Machine is entirely made of stainless steel.