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ProFruit Machinery™ produces equipment for fruit, berry and vegetable processing. We offer various juice pressing lines based on your needs, make customized individual orders as well as design full processing plants.

ProFruit Machinery

ProFruit Machinery is a family based company that started with a father and son and their shared desire to offer more fruit, berry and vegetable processing possibilities for both leaders of their market and businesses that aspire to become such one day.

For almost 10 years we have been working with various fruit, berry and vegetable processing equipment in our juice pressing based company “Savos sultys”. This way we have tried and tested the equipment from almost all producers in the market including it’s leaders. We have gained an extensive experience working with all the equipment parts of the processing lines, we constantly communicate with other producers and users of this equipment and for these reasons we truly understand what the effective work in fruit, berry and vegetable processing field requires.

Our core values are reliability, the highest quality and comprehensive assistance to the client in all matters. These values are also supported by the fact that our team consists of true professionals who have been working in a food processing equipment industry for more than 20 years and are capable of ensuring all the best engineering solutions.

Contact us now and we will offer you the best solutions for fruit, berry and vegetable processing equipment based on your needs.

Fruit processing and filling machinery assortment

We offer you high quality equipment together with a full assistance

Our company produces various juice pressing machinery and full fruit, berry & vegetable processing lines. We offer the machinery based on your needs, as well as make customized individual orders and design full processing plants. We have been working with this kind of machinery ourselves for almost 10 years – that is the reason why we provide you a full assistance and service together with our high quality equipment.


Our main advantage over other producers is experience in not only producing but also using this machinery. For almost 10 years we have been working with juice pressing equipment ourselves. This way we gained knowledge about all the troubles that can complicate the journey of your work. That is why we offer you not only our equipment but also our full assistance and experience so you can avoid these troubles and use our high quality equipment without any unwanted interference.



We seek to improve your business by applying our successful and proven solutions.


The highest quality

Our experience lets us to produce the machinery which meets the highest EU requirements.


Comprehensive assistance

We guarantee operative communication, advice and help in all matters.